Install iDeneb 1.3 (10.5.5)

Do this at your own responsibility
Backup important data first

What you need:

  • At least 9 GB of free disk space
  • iDeneb 1.3 install DVD
  • USB-stick / 2 cd's (For BIOS update)
  • Modded BIOS 300

Step 1. Getting ready

  • Find iDeneb 1.3 image from torrent sites, download and burn to DVD
  • Download modded BIOS 300

Step 2. Update BIOS

  • Use this guide with modded BIOS
  • I used CD-method you can do as you like (you can flash directly from your HD, read more from the link above)
  • Be sure that you have Enhanced IDE turned on from your BIOS (F2 on boot to get in BIOS)

Step 3. Installing Leopard

  • Insert iDeneb DVD in your drive and boot
  • Press F8 and write "-v" in Darwin. This may take a while.
  • Choose english
  • Select from Utilities - Disk utility (drop down menu)
  • Select your disk and erase using "Mac OS Extended Journaled". Don't write special characters to name. Exit Disk utility.
  • Select Continue, Agree, your partition to install, continue.
  • Select Customize and select
    • kernel 9.4.0
    • nvidia inject 256mb drivers
    • ICHx Fixed (in Chipset)
    • powermanagement fix
    • IOUSBFamilyFix
    • acpi fix
    • AppleSMBIOS-27-667
    • FireWire Remove
  • Press Done and Install. This will take a while.
  • After install eject DVD
  • At boot (Darwin) press "F8" and write "-v -f" (without " ")
  • Press enter
  • Now take Ethernet cable out. Fill values and when asked about connection choose "My Computer does not connect to the internet". * Fill personal fields.

Step 4. Audio with ALC660

sudo -s
cp -r /kext/ALCinject.kext /system/library/extensions
cp -r /kext/AppleHDA.kext /system/library/extensions
  • Reboot with -f -v in Darwin
  • Go to
    • system preferences
    • sound
  • Find out are sounds working


Buy Leopard's licence and support Apple

Correct if I have forget something

Thanks to reeve from posting

Currently I prefer iDeneb for G1S users, works smoothly



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