Install Kalyway 10.5.1/2

Do this at your own responsibility

What you need:

  • At least 9 GB of free disk space
  • Kalyway 10.5.1 install DVD
  • USB pendrive or hardisk formatted as FAT32
  • JaS_ACPI_APIC_Tiger_Kexts -files (kext's from 10.4.8)
  • Maybe kalyway_hack_10.5.2ComboUpdate
  • I have BIOS ver. 300 but maybe earlier version works too

Step 1. Getting ready

  • Find Kalyway 10.5.1 image from torrent sites, download and burn to DVD
  • If you want to update your Mac to version 10.5.2 get update also and click "move it to removable drive"
  • Format removable drive to FAT32
  • Get JaS_ACPI_APIC_Tiger_Kexts (6 files) from [] and unzip to your removable drive.

Step 2. Installing Leopard

  • Insert DVD in your drive and boot
  • Press F8 and write "cpus=1 -v" in Darwin. This may take a while.
  • Choose english
  • Select from Utilities - Disk utility (drop down menu)
  • Select your disk and erase using "Mac OS Extended Journaled". Don't write special characters to name. Exit Disk utility.
  • Go to Utilities - Terminal and write "diskutil list"
  • Find your Apple_HFS and write down identifier, mine was disk0s1. Exit Terminal.
  • Select Continue, Agree, your partition to install, continue.
  • Select Customize and select only "vanilla kernel" and "Boot_efi_mbr".
  • Press Done and Install. This will take a while so you can have coffee break.
  • When computer reboots boot from DVD

Step 3. Messing with kext's

  • At boot press "F8" and write "cpus=1 -v rd=disk*s* (use values you wrote down, in my case "disk0s1")
  • Press enter, may take a while.
  • Now take Ethernet cable out. Fill values and when asked about connection choose "My Computer does not connect to the internet". Fill personal fields.
  • When desktop is ready connect your removable drive. I prefer to copy kext's from removable drive to hardrive for less writing in terminal. (Go to Finder and make new folder called "kext" and copy kext's from removable drive to folder you just created. Folder path /kext)
  • Open terminal (find from spotlight) and write "sudo -s". Enter your password.
  • Now you have administrator privileges
  • Write in Terminal:
rm -fR /system/library/extensions/AppleApic.kext
rm -fR /system/library/extensions/AppleACPIPlatform.kext
rm -fR /system/library/extensions/IOFirewire*
rm -fR /system/library/extensions/NVDAResman.kext
cp -r /kext/Apple* /system/library/extensions
  • Start "Disk utility" (spotlight) and repair disk permissions
  • Back to terminal
rm -fR /system/library/extensions.mkext
rm -fR /system/library/extensions/caches/*
rm -fR /system/library/caches/*
  • And again "Disk utility" and repair permissions
  • Eject the DVD and reboot from hardrive

Step 4. Drivers and updates

  • Press "F8" in Darwin and write "cpus=1 -v"
  • Boot will be faster
  • If you have "kalyway_hack_10.5.2ComboUpdate" you can unzip and install it now. Don't worry it will not remove your replaced kext's.
  • If you installed update reboot from hardrive and press "F8" write "cpus=1 -v" like last time
  • Next audio driver. I haven't found way to install ALC660 so I use AZALIA_out (haven't got it working with headphones) you'll find it from Kalyway DVD from Desktop/Leopard_Install_Osx86/system/installation/packages/AZALIA_out.pkg
  • Drag AZALIA_out.pkg to desktop and install
  • Now we are ready to install GeForce 8600M GT
  • I used "NVInstallerV.41.pkg" ([] or google it if link is dead)
  • When installer starts select "latest kexts and framework", "256 mb Vanilla", "laptops (go or 'M') gpu", "512 mb" and if you installed 10.5.2 update select "netkas 10.5.2 kernel". That's it.
  • Reboot again from hardisk with "cpus=1 -v" -flags

Step 5. Everyday use

  • If everything goes well we are almost done.
  • We used "-v" -flag in kernel boot to see if something goes wrong. If everything works we don't need it. We have to use "cpus=1" because G1S BIOS is not compatible with OS X. I have read some forums where is conversation about BIOS modding but haven't tried myself, you may go and try []
  • Because it's not very user friendly to always write "cpus=1" in boot, we can make it automatic
  • Open terminal and type:
sudo nano /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/
  • Use arrow keys to move and edit something like this (add cpus=1) and maybe change timeout time.
-- text --
        <key>Kernel Flags</key>
-- text --

Well that's it. Let's hope you will get your Mac OS X work on G1S. Good Luck!
Buy Leopard's licence and support Apple

Please, correct if I have write something wrong or you have something to add. Sorry my bad english :P
So this is what I have done now, from here on out it's up to you. /xglow

Get both cores working (Added 31.5.2008)

sudo nano /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/
  • Remove "cpus=1" from <string>cpus=1</string>
  • Reboot
  • When you are back at desktop press:
    • apple logo
    • about this mac
    • more info…
  • In the Hardware there should be a line "Total Number Of Cores: 2"
  • DONE


Get headphones working with ALC660 (Added 31.5.2008)

sudo -s
cp -r /kext/ALCinject.kext /system/library/extensions
cp -r /kext/AppleHDA.kext /system/library/extensions
  • Go to "Disk utility" and repair permissions
  • Reboot
  • Go to
    • system preferences
    • sound
  • Find out are sounds working


Faster boot with 10.5.2 (Added 12.6.2008)

  • I suffered slow boot after 10.5.2 update
  • Use google to search "kalyway_10.5.2_kernels.mpkg"
  • Install fix and restart


Fix USB Automount (Added 12.6.2008)

  • Go to []
  • Download and extract
  • Check your system.kext version:
    • Open finder and go /system/library/extensions and find "system.kext"
    • Right click it and click "Show package contents" and open "info.plist" in text editor
    • Find line like this:
  • Open usb_fix_1.3.mpkg
  • Press Continue and click customize
  • If you have installed kalyway 10.5.2 dvd with default settings (by default, PCGENUSB2 is selected in the patches section) select "USB Family Original -Restore-Backup Install" if you don't have PCGENUSB2 unselect it. (For full story read [])
  • If you have system.kext 9.2.0 like I have select:
    • From "9.2.0 Kernels & System.kext"
      • Select "9.2.0 System.kext Only"
  • I haven't tried others
  • And press Install
  • Restart
  • Now your automount works like a charm


10.5.4 Update (Added 8.8.2008)

*10.5.4 update will work BUT I have yet to find a foolproof method for getting Quartz Extreme + Core Image to work so for now desktop performance will be choppy :( I have gotten it working *once* but I have not been able to replicate this! To get 10.5.4 working in the meantime:

*First update to version 10.5.3 with Kalyway update available via torrent. Follow the directions with the files and use Darwin bootloader command: update -v
*After reboot download 10.5.4 update from and install. Do not download the combo version of the update


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