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Hi!! Thanks to your tutorial I updated successfully the BIOS and marked the right checkboxes on the iDeneb instalation, but when it finished and rebooted it just displayed the grey screen with the apple for a fraction of a second ,then it reboots automatically and then the same, again and again.

That's exatly what I got after installation with both 9.4 and 9.5 kernels before updating the BIOS. That's also what I got in another hackintosh (solved marking 9.4 kernel).

Where's the problem?

Thank you!!

I have the exact same problem.
Installed al the custimizations. mac osx boots up and I get a screen to press power and reboot, any help?

Re: First Boot Problems by fouloncfoulonc, 20 May 2009 20:11

Last week I got this inspiration to try dualboot with iDeneb 1.3 and Windows XP and…
got it working following this guide.

I noticed that OSX bootloader recognizes Windows XP partition, so you can choose which bootloader you like to use.
Also depends which operating system you want to be default boot OS.

Somehow i didn't get along with GParted live, so i used Ubuntu live cd to change boot flag.
It's also possible to do from Windows or OSX if you like to Google. Do as you like.

Dualboot with XP by xglowxglow, 08 Mar 2009 21:45

Yes it was ALC660 beta which caused shutdown crash.

New ALC660 can be found here.

I did a backup from ALCInject.kext, removed AppleHDA and ALCInject, installed ALC660_660VD.mpkg,
removed AppleHDAEnabler.kext, copy ALCInject back to extensions, reboot.
To audio settings and changed audio out.

Now shutdown works like a charm, quite fast actually.
Thanks wiwi from modding!

Re: Shutdown with iDeneb by xglowxglow, 08 Mar 2009 21:28

You need to select those options individually. You might have to look for those files under subcategories. Don't install all the drivers. I've done that and the same thing happened to me.

Re: First Boot Problems by DL944812627DL944812627, 20 Jan 2009 20:38

I'm using iDeneb1.3 and after the install it gets to certain point and stops and the screen goes blank. I'm using the supplied guide and it says

Select Customize and select
kernel 9.4.0
nvidia inject 256mb drivers
ICHx Fixed (in Chipset)
powermanagement fix
acpi fix
FireWire Remove
Press Done and Install. This will take a while.

These options dont appear but I do have a drivers check box I can select that states it contains all the invidia drivers as well as some others. I was wondering if anyone would know if that is what is causing the first boot problem?
Also I reinstalled selecting all the options and when it boots it shows the apple screeen then goes dark grey and asks me to hold power to restart and will never continue to boot?

Any help would be greatly appreciated

First Boot Problems by rodoggrodogg, 27 Dec 2008 12:55

it is possible to install mac and vista. i have vista ultimate 32 and kalyway 10.5.1 live running.
i used the first guide from this list:
sadly its offline now.
you can also read this one (the 4th of the list):
Click me!
u can use whichever install-dvd u want, important are the first 2 steps and the last steps (partitioning the hdd with vista and configuring BCD).
if u don't want to uninstall vista and u get in trouble with reallocating diskspace (shrinking and creating new partition), use this software:
disk defrag. u can get a demo, and let it defrag ur drives. after i did that a few times (2-3), i've been able to create the new partition in vista.

good luck, it works for me. but i don't use mac os alot, due to too many things that aren't working (sleep, hibernate, only one core (afraid of installing modded bios),…)


Re: Vista and Kalyway by spastispasti, 23 Nov 2008 01:08

OK, I have found the solution for the not recognised optical drive.
When installing also check the following:

Chipset: ICHx Fixed

I have fixed the ideneb install wiki accordingly..

Wondering if anyone can help me…

I have an Asus G1S with the GeForce 8600MGT, 2GB ram etc. etc..
Windows XP is already installed.

I downloaded ideneb 1.3 10.5.5 and burned it to a dvd.

Partitioned my 150GB HD into: 100 GB XP partition, 40 GB MacOSX partition, 5 GB Multimedia partition (music, etc)
Flashed my bios with Kabyl's modded 205 version.

Set my IDE to enhanced, configured boot priority (CD/DVD, HDD etc)

Start up Ideneb installation by pressing F8, then using '-f -v' parameters.

Use disk utility to erase and format my 40 GB partition to Mac Journalized (extended).

Begin to install.

Customized with : additional fonts, 9.4.0 xnu kernel, nvidia inject 256 mb drivers, powermanagement fix, something along the lines of IOUSBFAMILYFIX (which i assume to be the 'usb fix'), acpi fix, and the 667 SMBIOS fix.

Install finishes, green checkmark, and restart.

Remove installation disk, choose the MacOSX partition at the Darwin boot loader, using parameters -f -v.

Grey background with white apple in the middle appears, with the little loading circle beneath it. This occurs for roughly 1 - 1.5 minutes.

The screen goes black, my external monitor goes into standy and nothing is displayed on the laptop monitor.

So my question is, what am I doing wrong and how do I fix it?

Sorry for the long post, but this is really frustrating me. Thanks for the (hopefully quick) replies.

I have found the following links for dealing with the optical drive problem:

Maybe somebody can get the right procedure.

SATA Operation Mode: Enhanced

I have even tried to install some jmicro ide drivers but the dvd still does not work. This is the only reason stoping me to use mac osx. Anybody has some idea?

I had same optical drive problem with iDeneb. Kalyway didn't have that problem.
iDeneb install does not work without enhanced IDE, so I am sure I had it turned on.

that is weird - it works for me? do you have Enhanced IDE turned on in the bios…? Not sure =(

I have also installed iDeneb 1.3 and everything works great (I have even replaced my wifi pciexpres with an atheros one and wireless now works) however the optical drive (GSA-T20L) is not seen. I cant read any CD/DVD. It is strange because I could install the ideneb from it just fine. I have already installed ideneb 2 times and it still doesent work. Anybody knows a fix?

Have anyone got shutdown working with StageXNU 9.4.0 kernel and ALC660 audio?
I think that ALC660 makes that problem.
Any solutions?

Shutdown with iDeneb by xglowxglow, 22 Oct 2008 17:05

Add your questions and answers here.

New sections added by xglowxglow, 19 Oct 2008 16:36

Has someone got JaS OSx86 10.5.4 working?

I would currently recommend iDeneb for Asus G1S users.

Currently using iDeneb 1.3. First I got legendary "Still waiting for root device" -message. I changed from BIOS IDE to Enhanced and it worked (Booted with -f -v flags). When using "acpi fix" no need to change kexts. With 9.4.0 stage xnu kernel shutdown/restart works.

Runs smoothly. No problems with OS so far.
More info from iDeneb.

I tried also install Kalyway 10.5.1 and update to 10.5.5 with Mysticus update
but after update keyboard didn't work.

Hey everyone!!! I have succesfully instullied Mac OS Leo to my G1S and wanna say that I afraid dual boot with XP or Vista is not possible `cos that operational systems is principly different in their philosophy, but may be I dont know something, guys did anybody flash the lamps on Asus G1S with MAC Leo. thanks

Re: Vista and Kalyway by galeevkgaleevk, 18 Oct 2008 14:30
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