20.11.2008 Optical drive fix added to iDeneb guide

  • Chipset: ICHx Fixed (Thanks to ptodic)
  • iDeneb 1.3

19.10.2008 Asus G1S Hackint0sh has finally been updated

  • Added guide howto install iDeneb 1.3
  • Kalyway method is not lost. You can find it from sidebar.
  • New sections added to forum "Problems and Solutions" and "Feedback"

31.5.2008 New tips

12.6.2008 New tips

8.8.2008 Update 10.5.4

25.5.2008 Asus G1S Hackint0sh

  • Asus G1S Hackint0sh wikidot is released
  • Added Kalyway install method

Install Mac OS X

Have you installed Leopard on G1S?

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